In the process of creating software, your engineering team creates large amounts of data as byproducts residing in your various tools and services. This data contains valuable information about how your software engineering team is performing.  

tenXer collates this data from your systems and runs complex analysis on it to provide insights into your software engineering team’s performance in real time. No extra work or data input is required, tenXer does it all for you. tenXer provides total visibility into your software engineering team’s performance. Until now, engineering performance monitoring like this was never possible.

Automatic trend & event analysis eliminates the noise

We’re listening to all of your data all day every day and provide historical and projected trends.

  • Quickly get the pulse of your team
  • We identify and notify you about outliers or oddities
  • Dig deeper into complex measures

Optimize for the correct metrics

You have lots of tools & services: you can track all of them together for a truly holistic view.

  • Monitor quantity, quality and teamwork together
  • Overlay metrics from different systems
  • Prevent gaming of the metrics

Get a handle on your team member’s contributions

Leaderboards can identify your team members contribution levels around multiple metrics for a holistic and comparative view.

  • Understand how each person is contributing to the objectives of the team
  • See the output of each individual across multiple stats at the same time
  • Track how individuals improve over time

Are you trending in the right direction?

tenXer trends get you ahead of the curve so you can move from reacting to forecasting.

  • Historical and future trends on any metric
  • Project where your team will end up based on current and past performance
  • Automatically calculated in real time

Where is your team spending its time?

Distribution charts help you define exactly where you’re effort is being spent.

  • See how much of your teams effort is being spent on various tasks like bugs vs. features
  • Understand how resource allocation impacts work distribution